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Company Info

Company Info

Mission and Vision

Without a vision, effective business planning would be impossible. SolidPlant is founded by visionaries, they recognized opportunities and had the idea to elaborate it with their sources and experience.

Based on this vision, SolidPlant has stated a mission statement in order to provide the inspiration for both SolidPlant’s daily operations and aims for the future. The mission is ambitious, entrepreneurial but the most important; with a focus on our customers:

Use our experience in plant/piping design to deliver innovative design software enabling our clients in industry to profit from the advanced use of SolidPlant’s knowledge and technology. We see our customers as partners that help and contribute in improving and further development of SolidPlant every day. We strive to build long-term relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

SolidPlant was founded with the vision of developing innovative, comprehensive and affordable plant design software based on Solidworks. To realize this vision SolidPlant3D has been developed for engineers and constructors. SolidPlant aims to give them all tools in the Solidworks environment for complete plant design with 3D Equipment

models, Steel Structure Models and as core 3D Pipe Routing. SolidPlant realizes the importance of product reliability, but SolidPlant aims also to be a reliable partner to our resellers and users too. SolidPlant seeks the dialogue with resellers and users in order to improve our service and product continuously. SolidPlant attracts and retains innovative, practical and energetic employees who are driven to make SolidPlant the de facto standard for plant design.

SolidPlant was founded with a long-term vision in mind.  We are a new player, growing its customer base rapidly. SolidPlant’s resources and partners allow us to guarantee customers a reliable partner for the long-term future. Take advantage of this, and become our partner.

Company Information
SolidPlant offers a complete 3D software package which runs on top of SolidWorks. The add-in provides engineers, constructors, and owner-operators with comprehensive engineering software solutions.

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Founded :2012

Strategic partners : Alias piping solutions, ISOGEN® (http://www.alias.ltd.uk)
Graebert – Custom CAD

Headquarters : Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Targetmarket business sectors • Water/wastewater
• Pharmaceutical
• Life sciences
• Oil and gas
• Chemical offshore
• Food and beverage
• Pulp and paper
• Power generation

SolidPlant is a comprehensive plant design system. SolidPlant takes advantage of the best mechanical CAD, Solidworks, and specification driven plant design system combining them seamlessly.


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Why SolidWorks?; SolidWorks is one of the best mechanical CAD packages available on the market today. SolidWorks is recognized as powerful, easy-to-use for its quality and reliability. Together, the intuitive tools of SolidWorks, and SolidPlant give you the capabilities to create, validate, communicate, and manage your designs at a high level.

If you’re familiar with Solidworks and are trying to design a process plant, SolidPlant is the perfect solution. SolidPlant3D works on top of SolidWorks Standard. Those who did not have the pleasure of being exposed to Solidworks should really give this solution a try and convince yourself.

SolidPlant is a very open software solution in contrast to some other products available in the market. SolidPlant is open for everyP&ID package available as long as it exports to a .xls format. SolidPlant is a 3D package for the physical 3D design with exact pipe lengths and shapes, for the dedicated 3D piping designer. Why did SolidPlant not initially include an own P&ID: SolidPlant’s philosophy and experience is that FEED, PFD, P&ID and 3D modeling are not done by one single person, department or even company. Every step is a profession by itself! SolidPlant made the decision to focus on a single part of the process and put all our effort in there.

However our 3D package is a mature solution now and as we listened to our users and prospective users who felt the need for a ‘one stop shopping’ solution and urged us to come with our own SolidPlant P&ID we decided to go full steam for it. Hence the release of SolidPlant P&ID.

SolidPlant has three types of routing:
-Traditional routing
The most time consuming, “classical way” part by part continuously; This classic
method will allow you to route one by one part, pip, valve, and every element carefully.
-Semi-auto routing
This method is a combination between the manual way and fully automatic way. The tools SolidPlant provides will help you to design a complex piping system a lot easier.We understand what the engineer wants, which is a system that is easy and flexible as much as possible but fully accurate at the same time.
-Auto routing
This will help the designer design best path or pipe route faster than ever. Just two clicks (from and to) at the nozzle. Then let the system automate pipe routing for you based on the piping specification database we have in the system.

SolidPlant offers a new feature: “Smart fitting”. Smart fitting allows you to extend or add pipe branches by dragging any point you like on the pipe. This feature will automatically put the fitting on. If it’s an extending pipe, the fitting will change for example from elbow to T.

Structure modeler
Solidworks itself has good steel structure design features. However, SolidPlant would give you more tools to create a better 3D grid fast and easily. To model stairs, ladders, handrails and some other members of structure would consume a lot of time and effort. SolidPlant again simplifies this job with just one click.

Equipment creation
Solidworks is a great tool to create equipment models. SolidPlant on top of this will provide templates to create several types of typical equipment such as tanks, horizontal and vertical vessels, heat exchangers and towers. With an engineering friendly user interface it will help you place or add any type of nozzle to any part or area of the equipment. This will be done in a very intuitive way. If you have other departments involved in designing equipment for you but they happen to be unfortunately unfamiliar with Solidworks, then there is no need to be concerned or worried as SolidPlant also allows you to import 3D equipment models from other CAD formats through the standard formats such as IGES, Acis, Parasolid or any other format that Solidworks is able to read and import. SolidPlant will provide a comprehensive tool to assign the accurate nozzle coordinates. This is the most important requirement in order to be able to do automated pipe routing.


PCF export

SolidPlant is able to export an accurate PCF file format that allows you to connect to other applications. So, you will be able to generate isometric drawings through the famous I-run (former isogen) or you can do stress analysis with either AutoPIPE or Ceasar II. Feel free to use the package you lie SolidPlant will support you.


SolidPlant provides users with a BOM. A hierarchical list of materials used in the assembly. The list contents raw materials, sub-assemblies, intermediate assemblies, sub-components, components, parts and the quantities of each needed to manufacture an end product.


The SolidPlant application is provided with ISOGEN. The world’s leading solution for the total automation of piping isometric drawing production. ISOGEN is the de facto standard CAD system for drawing piping isometrics. Eliminating the need to manually edit isometric drawings significantly reduces fabrication and on-site construction errors, SolidPlant added ISOGEN to its application.


SolidPlant follows the newest releases of SolidWorks. After every new release comes SolidPlant with his own updated version. Both, the enhancements of SolidWorks and SolidPlant with the new tools will help you to optimize the performance of your installation. Beside the SolidWorks updates is SolidPlant working on the following features with expected completion: