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What is SolidPlant, comprehensive plant design for SolidWorks?

SolidPlant is a comprehensive plant design solution which runs on top of SolidWorks (standard and premium). It is THE solution in a SolidWorks environment for plant design projects from minor skid rows, retrofit and revamping jobs to a entire greenfield (from scratch) industrial plant project.

In general: 3D Plant design with SolidPlant for SolidWorks

SolidPlant can serve companies/engineers/markets on different levels. SolidPlant’s target markets are:

– Water Treatment
– Semiconductor
– Food Processing
– Refinery
– Petrochemical
– Biotech
– Mining & Metals
– Pulp & Paper
– Offshore Oil
– Power
– Industrial Gases

SolidPlant can serve these markets from complete machine engineering until complete comprehensive plant engineering. SolidPlant supports you in the following processes:

3D design tools:
-3D equipment modeler
-3D structure modeler
-3D piping design

-2D Isogen®
-Creating Bills of Materials
-Plans sections
-Equipment location drawings

Why a Plant design solution on top of SolidWorks?

SolidWorks is one of the best mechanical CAD packages available, with a strong and worldwide user base. SolidPlant recognized the gap between a mechanical CAD solution and Plant design software. SolidPlant started to develop an application that would combine the most sophisticated mechanical CAD software ; SolidWorks , with the best Plant design capabilities available. SolidPlant puts all the effort and development on improving the software on top of SolidWorks.

Is it difficult to learn SolidPlant ?

No it is not difficult to learn SolidPlant. Normally a piping designer familiar to SolidWorks will only need 2 -3 days of training to get started and become familiar with SolidPlant. Obviously someone not familiar to SolidWorks yet will have to take the SolidWorks training first. (approx. 5 days) Ease – of use and the short learning-curve are one of the many strengths of SolidPlant. The deployability of the system is unique, hence its attractiveness for organizations who need fast but solid results !

Does SolidPlant have Isometrics?

Yes, SolidPlant has the possibility to generate isometrics (isos) with Isogen® (of Alias). It is integrated in SolidPlant with all its functionalities and included in the all-in package price. Isometrics drawings are part of the deliverables resulting from the creation of a 3D model in SolidPlant.

Has SolidPlant different packages, like a standard or premium version?

No, SolidPlant is an all-inclusive package on top of SolidWorks Standard. SolidPlant is the only plant design application dedicated to the SolidWorks environment. It does not run on top of other MCAD software solutions. SolidPlant is obviously also working on SolidWorks Premium with all its functionalities.

Can I make use of all the functionalities of SolidWorks with SolidPlant?

Yes, SolidPlant works as an add-in and if you have SolidWorks Standard or Premium, all functionalities are available.

I am using another add-in in SolidWorks. Is there any incompatibility with other applications on top of SolidWorks?

No, all formats that SolidWorks supports will be supported in SolidPlant as well.

Does SolidPlant works with PDM (Product Data Management) of Solidworks?

Yes, SolidPlant is based on Solidworks engine, so it would work well with the other add-in too. In SolidPlant2016, there will be a better and more controllable interface with EPDM.

I do piping in “routing” in SolidWorks Premium, what is the difference with SolidPlant.

Basically, SW Routing is a pick and place system. You must have lots of 3D libraries before starting the project. SW routing has no concern about piping specification at all. SolidPlant is a significantly different concept in terms of how the average SolidWorks users are used to. SolidPlant makes use of the parametric modeling interface and SolidWorks environment, but the design setup is completely different. SolidPlant is a project based driven system. The designer, can create the database of piping specification with the SolidPlant tool call “Spec creator” and save it into the project database. All together with the P&ID and the information list will be the core of the plant design system setup.  Also SolidPlant is providing more capability in Structure modeling, Equipment modeling and Isogen. With these comprehensive modeling tools you’re able to complete your Plant design all in one system.

Which catalogues are available in SolidPlant?

All the major manufactures catalogues are available in SolidPlant, which includes world-wide Plant Design Standards

Can we add more catalogs ?

Yes, very easily with our Spec Creator tools.

Is it possible to import existing parts/equipment into a SolidPlant project?

Yes the importation of parts / equipment models into SolidPlant is possible , provided it is in a format that SolidWorks supports.

What are the system requirements for SolidPlant?

The system requirements for SolidPlant are the same as for SolidWorks. For SolidWorks 2018 there will be SolidPlant 2018.

Software -> Microsoft Windows 7 or higher (*64-bit ) , SolidWorks 2017 or higher (*64-bit ) **No 32-bit version available.

Hardware -> Processor : Intel Core i3 or AMD ith SSE2 support. , Memory : 16 GB or higher, Disk Space : 10 GB minimum free hard disk space. , Video Card : 4 GB OpenGL or Direct3D capable.

Can we work in a multi-user environment with SolidPlant?

Yes, as SolidPlant is a solution on top of SolidWorks, we are able to work in a group of several users within the same project.

Can SolidPlant do Structure detailing?

No, We don’t do structural detailing. There are 2 option to do this. First, use Solidworks weldmend feature. Or export through IFC standard to the professional detailing system like Tekla, Graitec or Builtworks.

Can SolidPlant collaborate with Analysis package?

Yes, For Structure analysis we can transfer file by using IFC format. For Piping, We can use PCF format.