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SolidPlant 3D offers the most complete set of piping features. Manual or fully automated, everything supported by a vast database of pipe component catalogues.

Smart route feature

The latest smart feature from SolidPlant. Now we don’t need to worry about routing to the wrong nozzle. SolidPlant will use the data from line list. Which contain the from-to nozzle number information to create automatic route line from nozzle to nozzle with the shortest route path. The user will be allowed to modify the route by cut, extend, trim or other sketch tools that are provided by Solidworks until we get the best route path. Easy and flexible.

Related Valve automaticly assigned
From the valve list data, SolidPlant will let pop up all the valves that are related to the pipe line number that the user just finished routing. We can drag and drop from the list on the pipe automatically. You will never miss the valve or put it to the wrong line number.

Show/Modified line number during routing
Convert existing part to pipe components
We can convert any old part model if we wish to use it in the new project as a pipeline of another project

Automatic Bushing
Insert and Information check of Flanged fitting

We can add flange fitting and check the data from it such asschedule or rating.

Cable tray manual route
With a simple draw panel, Now we can draw 3D cable tray by continuing one by one part. The connection can change the direction by toggle the tab button.

Smart Routing :
Rapidly create a pipe line using the SolidPlant Smart Route function.

Modify the Pipeline :
Edit pipe position and size and add components to the route.

Combine Manual and Smart Routing :
Use manual editing along with Smart Route feature for more flexible designs.

Basic Pipe Routing

New Right Click Menu Items

Data Explorer

Smart Routing Feature