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SolidPlant 3D offers a vast library of typical equipment, such as tanks, pumps, vessels, and more. Custom made equipment can be imported from SolidWorks or any 3D solution.

Show/Hide nozzle tag number
Very important to have a view during routing which exact nozzle we are working on

Assign Nozzle length
Now we are able to assign the length of all nozzles when
creating equipment either from templates or imported models.

Create Equipment :
Create equipment using SolidPlant templates.

Import PID Data :
Import P&ID data for use in
Piping and Equipment design.

Convert Equipment :
Convert existing CAD models
into SolidPlant Equipment models.

Place Equipment :
Drag Equipment models into the plant and locate them using move functions.

Standard Equipment Templates

Convert Equipment Feature

Define Levels Feature

Placing Equipment in Plant