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SolidPlant 3D offers one of the quickest and most easy to use features for steel structures. Structural members are based on international standards. Complex models for stairs, platforms, pipe racks, etc., can all be generated within minutes by using one of the many templates.

Spiral stairs 



Insert Texture to the floor plate.
To give you  better presentation

Create a 3D Grid :
Create a 3D grid for use in

Auto-Trim Structure : Use the Auto-Trim function to rapidly trim multiple structural members at one time.

3D Grid Frame Feature

Pipe Bridge Feature

Create Structure :
Create structure members along
3D grid.

Insert Structural Connections :
Add various connections between
structural members.

Create Structural Members

Part List Report

Edit Structural Members :
Edit position and profile of
structural members.

Add Complex Structures :
Create various structure items such as
Stairs,Ladders, Platforms and Railings.

AutoTrim Feature

Add More Structure :
Use unique SolidPlant function
to add more structure members.

Create Structure Part List :
Create and export part list for
structural items.

Create Structure Using Templates