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Spiral stairs 



Insert Texture to the floor plate.
To give you  better presentation

Create a 3D Grid :
Create a 3D grid for use in

Auto-Trim Structure : Use the Auto-Trim function to rapidly trim multiple structural members at one time.

3D Grid Frame Feature

Pipe Bridge Feature

Create Structure :
Create structure members along
3D grid.

Insert Structural Connections :
Add various connections between
structural members.

Create Structural Members

Part List Report

Edit Structural Members :
Edit position and profile of
structural members.

Add Complex Structures :
Create various structure items such as
Stairs,Ladders, Platforms and Railings.

AutoTrim Feature

Add More Structure :
Use unique SolidPlant function
to add more structure members.

Create Structure Part List :
Create and export part list for
structural items.

Create Structure Using Templates